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Over the past few years, we have been able to make many parents happy who wanted to achieve their dream.

Choosing a surrogacy agency that can guide you through such a delicate process is no easy task. OneSurrogacy offers you a team with wide experience in making sure that the process is successfully completed with all the legal guarantees.

Our services include the search and preparation of surrogate mothers, coordination and control of the whole process, comprehensive advice and legal services for intended parents.

In Ukraine we work only with the most prestigious clinics, such as the fertility clinic Victoria in Kiev.

Why OneSurrogacy?

Ukraine as a destination

With legal security and leading fertility clinics
Over the last few years, Ukraine has become one of the preferred countries for carrying out surrogacy, thanks to its legal security and leading fertility clinics.

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and the city with most of the country’s fertility clinics, the most important maternity hospitals and numerous medical centres.

In addition, Kiev is the city in which all the legal procedures to register the baby and the administrative paperwork with the different consulates of each country will be carried out.

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Our lead team in Ukraine

Tatiana Kudriavtseva

Tatiana Kudriavtseva

Process coordination and legal support
Tatiana is the manager of OneSurrogacy in Ukraine, leading the team in this country, coordinating processes and providing legal support to the parents.
Oksana Kurylenko

Oksana Kurylenko

Clients manager and surrogate mothers assitance
Oksana is responsible for leading the customer support team in Kiev, coordinating their logistics, accommodation and 24-hour support.

Surrogate mothers

Selecting the most suitable surrogate mothers

There are two essential aspects to successfully completing a surrogacy process within a reasonable time period:

  1. The selection of a good fertility clinic.
  2. Finding surrogate mothers who meet the strictest medical and psychological criteria.

Our Surrogate Mother candidates must meet the following requirements to enter a program:

  • They must be the mother of at least one healthy child.
  • They must be between 18 and 38 years old.
  • They must have completely healthy lifestyle habits compatible with a healthy pregnancy.
  • They must be women who are psychologically prepared and willing to collaborate positively throughout the entire process.
  • In addition, our programs do allow for a direct relationship between the Intentional Parents and the Surrogate Mother.

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