Surrogacy in Ukraine FAQs

Surrogacy process

Surrogacy is a type of assisted reproduction in which a woman, known as a surrogate mother, carries out the pregnancy of a marriage or a single person. Once the birth occurs, surrogate mother will not have any right on the newborn.

Indeed, the little boy will get the nationality of his biological father. Depending on the rules of the country, your child will obtain your nationality before leaving Ukraine, or will do so later through a process of filiation. Depending on the legislation in the country of the baby's parents, an adoption process by the mother may or may not be required at a later stage.
There are countries such as Ukraine in which surrogacy is perfectly regulated, which guarantees that the process has all the legal guarantees regarding the rights of the parents and the surrogate mother.
The processes last an average of 12 to 18 months starting from the signing of the contracts in the country of destination. We must be aware that pregnancy is not always achieved in the first embryo transfer and that unforeseen events may occur during pregnancy, such as abortion and therefore the process must be restarted. In our guaranteed programs, will restart free of charge.

Intended parents

In Ukraine, intended parents must be heterosexual couples (married in the case of Ukraine), whose wife cannot carry out a gestation process with guarantees for both herself and the baby, or have carried out several fertility treatments unsuccessfully... On the other hand, at least one of the spouses must contribute their genetic material, but in practice it must be at least the father.

The intended parents must travel at least twice to Ukraine. On a first trip , contracts will be signed with the agency and the parent shall provide their genetic material. In the last trip the parents will travel to pick up their child and perform the paperwork so that he can return with them to their country. In case the woman contributes her own eggs, there will usually be an intermediate trip to perform the stimulation and extraction of eggs.

Intended parents will have the obligation to continue with the program until the end once the pregnancy occurs. On the other hand, the parents must give back to the surrogate mother the amounts agreed in the joint agreement on the agreed dates.

Surrogate mother

The surrogate mother must be a woman of an age at which she can safely assume a pregnancy, enjoy good health, and have previously been the mother of at least one healthy child. Before a pregnant woman can access a program she must pass strict medical tests to ensure she is truly prepared for the process.

No, at least in countries like Ukraine it is strictly forbidden for a surrogate mother to contribute with her own eggs. The contribution of these eggs must correspond to an anonymous donor or to the intentional mother. The surrogate mother only must contribute with her reproductive capacity.

Both the parents and surrogate mother are completely free to have the relationship between them that they want. We'll respect each party's decision. Both parties will be able to communicate directly or through the staff of our agency.
The surrogate mother will be generally selected by our agency and always validated by the clinic.
The surrogate mother must receive all the necessary medical care so that she can carry a pregnancy with guarantees. Any medical expenses related with her pregnancy must be covered by the agency or by the Intentional Parents, as well as her expenses for travel, maternity clothing or lodging outside your home. In the circumstances where a pregnancy could endanger her physical integrity, abortion would be covered.

The surrogate mother must follow the guidelines marked by the agency and the clinic responsible for the process. Therefore, she should perform as many medical tests as necessary, go to the clinic each time she is required to follow up and wear habits that favor a healthy pregnancy. 

Surrogacy programs

Economic programs are those whose final cost could be altered depending on the number of clinical treatments needed to achieve the final result, or the unforeseen events that may occur during pregnancy and childbirth.

Guaranteed programs have a higher cost, but this cost would not be altered depending on the number of clinical treatments needed to achieve the final result, or the unforeseen events that may occur during pregnancy and childbirth.

It is possible to customize a program depending on the needs and desires of the Intended Parents, including medical treatments or additional services.

Yes, there is a payment schedule. These payments have different recipients such as the agency, surrogate and clinic.

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