Ukraine, the choice of thousands of parents every year

Legal security

Surrogacy is completely legal in Ukraine. Article 123.2 of the Family Code states that if an embryo conceived by a couple (known as intended parents) as a result of the application of assisted reproduction techniques, is transferred into the body of another woman, the parents of the baby will be the couple.
Ukrainian law identifies the intended parents involved in the process of surrogacy as the only legal parents of a newborn. In Ukraine, it is not necessary for the surrogate mother to give up her parental rights over the newborn child, and no court action is required.
No information regarding the surrogate mother is incorporated in the newborn’s birth certificate. Nor is there any mention of the baby’s birth as a result of a surrogacy process.

Surrogacy Agreement

Between intended parents and surrogate mother.
A joint or surrogacy agreement must be signed between the Intended Parents and the Surrogate Mother before a notary.

First class fertility clinics

Fertility clinics in Ukraine have a long history of assisted reproduction techniques, with over 300 success stories per year. Along with the best technology there are highly qualified medical equipment with constant training in the latest advances in reproductive medicine.
In addition to assisted reproduction treatment, fertility clinics in Ukraine are also responsible for conducting the medical tests necessary to validate the suitability of surrogate mothers for a program and then later perform a strict pregnancy follow-up.
On the other hand, maternity hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art incubators for cases of premature birth. The cost of the incubator is included in all our guaranteed programs.

Clinic Victoria in Kiev

One of the main fertility centres in Ukraine
Since 2007, this excellent clinic has helped thousands of local and foreign couples to have access to the most advanced fertility treatments. More information...

Kiev, a city to visit

Kiev is a very attractive and interesting city, as well as very quiet and safe. The currency in Ukraine is the grizna, but fortunately it is very common to find multiple exchange houses throughout the capital.
During the different stays in Kiev, our parents are fully supported by our team. We provide them with a mobile phone and 24-hour assistance for any incidents that may arise.
In Kiev we can visit places as emblematic as Maidan Square, or take a step through one of the oldest neighborhoods of the capital, which is the neighborhood of Podol, formed in 1811.
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