Services to intended parents, surrogate mothers and international agencies

Intended Parents

The main function of our agency is to offer surrogacy services to all intended parents who wish to see their dream come true.

Our services include: comprehensive advice on the process, legal formalities and paperwork, as well as 24-hour care in Kiev and all necessary travel related to the process.

Surrogate Mothers

Finding a suitable surrogate mother for the process is a critical task within our agency. We only select women with good living habits and medical reports favorable to a healthy pregnancy.

In addition, our surrogates follow a strict medical follow-up. In the last months of pregnancy they will travel to Kiev with the purpose of having a much closer follow up and preparing for the birth.

International Agencies

We are happy to collaborate with other international agencies and law firms, offering a range of services according to their needs.

We have special conditions for all those law firms and agencies that have married couples interested in starting a surrogacy process in Ukraine. We have different forms of collaboration depending on the services provided by OneSurrogacy.

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