We do everything in our power to make your dream come true

Legal support and paperwork

Our agency offers all the necessary advice so that our intentional parents are aware of the process from beginning to end. We will inform you of the medical tests and documents needed to start making your dream come true and we will arrange for all the necessary documents after birth.

Our legal department will be in charge of legalizing all the necessary documentation to start the process, carrying out all the necessary procedures and providing the necessary documents for the civil registry and consulate.

Our agency will accompany you to the notary, civil registry and consulate of your country, along with helping you get the necessary documentation translated and apostilled.

Civil registry and consulate

Paperwork after birth
Our agency will take care of the necessary procedures for the civil registry, consulate, and obtaining the passport of your baby. Depending on the legislation of each country, your baby will obtain either the Ukrainian nationality or the nationality of the intended parents.

Organization of the stay

During your stay in Ukraine our staff will be with you to help you. Translation and interpretation services are available.
Our team will be in charge of organizing your different stays in the Ukrainian capital, from your transport to any incidents that may occur. On your first visit you will also be accommodated in a centrally located apartment.
After the birth we coordinate all the visits to the maternity hospital, civil registry, consulate and first shopping for the baby.

Accommodation and transport

Accommodation and transport included in Kiev.
All those trips related to the surrogacy programs are included, such as airport pick-up, visit to the maternity hospital, notary, civil registry, etc. Accommodation for your first stay in Kiev is also included.

24-hour emergency assistance

After the birth, the intended parents must stay in Kiev from 1 to 3 months, depending mainly on the formalities to be carried out until the baby’s passport is obtained, and it is therefore necessary to be able to receive full assistance during this time.
Throughout your various stays in Kiev, and especially after the birth of your baby, you will have a mobile phone with 24-hour assistance in your language for any emergency that may arise.
In all our programs we include a pediatrician at home, while in the higher programs you will also have a babysitter.

Paediatrician at home

Assistance from a paediatrician in Kiev
The first few weeks of life are very important for the newborn, and it is very important that he or she is well cared for and examined.
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